Our Partners

Our partners allow us to

innovate and empower every cancer patient

We partner with hospitals, academia, nonprofits, and industry to improve patient outcomes in oncology.

Tata Memorial Centre

Tata Memorial Centre (TMC) is the largest cancer center in Asia, serving roughly 60,000 cancer patients each year. Its goal is to provide comprehensive, evidence based cancer care and inspire national cancer care policy and strategy. Its selective oncologist network is comprised of experts known at the world stage. In addition to its patient services, TMC is a world leader in pioneering, evidence based cancer research, focusing on research which is affordable, innovative, and relevant to the needs of the country. It also provides educational services for students, trainees, professionals, and the public.

Navya is partnered with Tata Memorial Centre and National Cancer Grid to provide treatment recommendations from experts at these institutions to patients and caregivers worldwide. Since 2010, every specialist at TMC has committed their time to be a part of our expert panel. We have collaborated on several research initiatives, co-presented at leading cancer conferences, and co-authored academic articles.

National Cancer Grid

The National Cancer Grid (NCG) was formed in August 2012 with the mandate of linking cancer centers across India. A modest initiative, which originally had 14 cancer centers, has rapidly grown to include 160+ major cancer centers covering the length and breadth of the country. It is one of the largest cancer networks in the world.

Tata Trusts

The Tata Trusts have been engaged in the field of public health for decades. They focus on strengthening healthcare delivery capability through implementation, institution building, partnerships, and adoption of technology and innovation. They were a pivotal partner in getting TMC-Navya off the ground by assisting us with grant funding.

Harvard Business School

Navya collaborated with Tata Memorial Centre and Harvard Business School to design an online Patient Preference Tool (PPT) that empowers breast cancer patients to educate themselves about their treatment choices, discovers patients’ underlying preferences around the treatment, and helps them make informed, clear decisions with equivalent medical outcomes.

University of California, Los Angeles—Olive View Medical Center

The University of California, Los Angeles—Olive View Medical Center has been an invaluable research partner on clinical validation trials with researchers and faculty serving as coauthors on conference publications and presentations. They help us in our constant quest for knowledge and discovery, resulting in cutting-edge innovation to save more lives.

National Institute of Health

The National Institute of Health (NIH) Big Data 2 Knowledge (BD2K) Center is a trans-NIH initiative established to make biomedical research a viable computational research enterprise by supporting the research and development of innovative approaches and tools. The NIH Center of Excellence for Big Data Computing at UCLA has assembled six international investigation teams in medicine, data science, and computational biology to maximize and accelerate the integration of Big Data and data science into biomedical research.

Medi Assist

Medi Assist, with Navya, has been empowering corporate employees and their beneficiaries who are diagnosed with cancer by enabling access to better clinical outcomes. They leave no stone unturned to ensure that insurance companies are covering cutting-edge, evidence-based treatments recommended by world leading experts.

Dr. Reddy's Indian Breast Cancer Resource

Dr. Reddy's developed a first-of-its-kind Indian Breast Cancer Resource with the aim to facilitate and ensure that our treating physicians get the best information on the latest developments in the treatment of cancer, which could lead to early detection and treatment. In partnership with Tata Memorial Centre and Navya, Dr.Reddy's developed the first India specific evidence engine with published and new research by Indian researchers with Indian patient data.


CanKids...KidsCan aims to ensure that childhood cancer is a child health priority in India. They are partnered with Navya to enable financially underserved cancer patients to access expert opinions on treatment options that would offer them the best chance of cure.

ImPaCCT Foundation

ImPaCCT Foundation has been instrumental in ensuring pediatric cancer care and treatment to every child coming to Tata Memorial Hospital, regardless of their background. They have generously sponsored several young patients, whom we have been able to help with their support.

Mangalam Charitable Foundation

Mangalam Charitable Foundation provides affordable accommodation to cancer patients receiving treatment.

They offer 60 beds to accommodate patients and caregivers, and facilities which include passenger lift, TV, drinking water, cafetaria, in house library, conference hall, and Wi-Fi. The accommodation is walking distance from Tata Memorial Centre Advanced Centre for Treatment, Research and Education in Cancer (ACTREC), Kharghar.

V Care Cancer Foundation

V Care Foundation is a voluntary support group dedicated to providing assistance, awareness, and education to cancer patients and their families through outreach programs and services that improve the quality of their lives. V Care volunteers provide guidance to patients in need of an expert opinion. Because of their experience, they can effectively empower diverse groups of patients by connecting them to Navya’s value and expertise.

HDFC Parivarthan

Under the umbrella of ‘Parivartan’, HDFC aims to contribute towards the economic and social development of the country by sustainably empowering its communities. HDFC Parivarthan enabled low-income patients to get TMC Navya treatment opinions through the peak of the pandemic.


HSBC is one of the world’s largest banking and financial services organizations. They use unique expertise, capabilities, breadth and perspectives to open up new kinds of opportunities. HSBC sponsored TMC Navya opinions to keep cancer patients avoid travel through the pandemic.

Wipro GE Healthcare

Wipro GE Healthcare is at the forefront of building a healthier world by focusing on effective and efficient care, precision health and digitizing healthcare. The company has been sponsoring treatment plans from Navya since 2020. They are also leveraging Navya's expert opinions to help their existing healthcare-related CSR projects offer evidence-based, standardized care.


Honda is the world’s largest manufacturer of two wheelers. Recognized thoughout the world as the symbol of Honda two wheelers, the ‘Wings’ arrived in India in 1999 as Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India Pvt. Limited (HMSI), a 100% subsidiary of Honda Motor Company Ltd., Japan. As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility program, Honda has financially contributed to provide underprivileged cancer patients with free expert opinions from Navya and Tata Memorial Centre.

Airports Authority of India

Airports Authority of India (AAI) is continuously working to prove a better tomorrow and is committed to ensuring the holistic welfare of society. They empower underpriveleged communities near their airports to create an environment of inclusive growth. AAI has partnered with TMC-Navya to sponsor free expert treatment plans for low-income patients.


Mahindra prides themselves on making life-saving medical assistance available to those who need it the most. Together, we have raised cancer prevention awareness and conducted camps at Tata Memorial Hospital for cancer screening. Thanks to Mahindra, we were a part of the Lifeline Express that made cancer expertise available to patients and physicians in remote locations.