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Navya provides patients and physicians with the tools to make
expert treatment decisions for complex medical conditions.

Navya has accurately made over 1000 expert treatment decisions in oncology
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Navya’s computative decision system uses published medical literature, globally accepted guidelines, consensus opinion of world leading experts, treatment opinions and outcomes of similar patients, and patient’s preferences or risk/benefit tradeoffs of treatment options to make expert treatment decisions.

What is Navya?

Synthesizing thousands of published best practices, experts' insight, and your preferences, our comprehensive analysis engine empowers you, your caregivers, and physicians with relevant information to easily evaluate your treatment options.
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Our Services

Navya offers an expert decision service in oncology. Simply by uploading some of your medical case reports, Navya can offer you an evidence-based expert decision on your treatment options. Navya factors in your preferences and assesses your risk/benefit tradeoffs to determine the most suited option for you.
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Our Products

Navya’s Guidelines Engine™, Evidence Engine™, Experience Engine™ allows a given unique patient to be matched against decision criteria of global guidelines, inclusion/exclusion criteria of trial patients, past patients including comorbidity, side effects, and outcome data, and return trials and treatments ranked by grade/quality and applicability. Navya’s Patient Preference Tools ™ assesses risk/benefit tradeoffs like longevity vs quality of life vs side effects of treatment options.
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"Thanks for detailed reply and analysis. It was very useful and patient is getting treated based on TMC expert opinion."

Caregiver using Navya-TMC Expert Decision Service
"Thanks a lot for the opinion. Though my uncle got a complete laryngotomy on 18th Aug., it is relieving to find that the line of treatment was correct."

Caregiver using Navya-TMC Expert Decision Service
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