Faster Treatment Decisions.

More Time for Patients.

The "Navya Cancer Data Model" accelerates treatment decision-making by up to 90%.


Navya's "ExpertApp" is a point-of-care solution for oncologists, specialists, and all care team members to share patient data within the clinical setting. The ExpertApp searches detailed clinical trial data, such as cohort specific results. Data from RWE studies complement the clinical trial data by generalizing the findings from clinical trial to general population. These data can provide information on other areas, such as natural history and course of disease, effectiveness studies, outcome studies, and safety surveillance

How It Works

The ExpertApp generates a 2-3 page structured "Case Summary" from the patient's medical records > offers "Structured Treatment Options" derived from evidence and expert opinions > enables a consensus-driven treatment decision via asynchronous virtual tumor boards > and creates a "Patient Letter" - outlining the oncologist's proposed treatment plan for review with the patient.

All data is available to stakeholders in real-time. Data is consolidated in one single location and distributed widely by web or mobile apps via fixed and mobile devices. The heart of the platform is Navya's patented Evidence and Experience Engines. These clinical informatics and machine learning technology systems consolidate data from clinical trials, international guidelines, and expert experience to find the best treatment for a patient’s unique case.

Structured Case Summary

The "Structured Case Summary" provides a concise summary of terms needed for decision-making while providing interactive and asynchronous engagement. It is available at the office or by mobile device. The Oncologist and Care Team members can input shorthand notes that get automatically translated into longhand treatment plans and directives.

How It Works

Navya creates the 2-3 page "Structured Case Summary" by synthesizing hundreds of pages of structured and unstructured data - extracted from the patient's medical record. The Case Summary benefits from a detailed clinical trial data search and data from RWE studies. The RWE data complements clinical trial data by generalizing the findings from clinical trial to the general population. These data can provide information on other areas, such as natural history and course of disease, effectiveness studies, outcome studies, and safety surveillance.

The Case Summary presents guideline-based "Structured Treatment Options" generated by Navya’s clinical informatics system.

The Case Summary with Treatment Options can reduce by up to 90% the time it takes to arrive at an evidence-based treatment decision.

Evidence Engine

Navya’s Evidence Engine enables a comprehensive and dynamic search for published clinical evidence relevant to a particular patient’s case.

How It Works

Because of Navya's focus on oncology solutions, our database offers a highly structured index of papers relevant to treatment assessments. Navya’s machine learning algorithms enable treatment applicability analyses for each query to rank the applicability of different treatments to a patient’s case.

Keyword searches for medical information or on PubMed/MEDLINE are time consuming, and don’t provide patient-specific results. Each paper must be read to fully understand its results and applicability to the patient, if any. Navya’s experience engine saves physicians critical time by connecting them to the information they need.

Experience Engine

Navya's Experience Engine indexes thousands of previous treatment pathways, decisions, and outcomes into the Navya ontology.

How It Works

The Experience Engine models the decision for a patient on the cluster of patients that have similar diagnoses and have received treatment. The Experience Engine makes inferences and predicts tumor board decisions for patients with complex, or unique cases not represented adequately in literature.

Case Based Search

A physician can enter the patient’s medical case directly into Case Based Search. At the click of a button, Case Based Search uses Navya’s Evidence and Experience Engines to search Navya’s database and return an ordered list of treatments.

How It Works

It works by structuring the patient’s case into Navya’s ontology, and matching the patient’s information with diagnostic criteria and clinical trial data. The treatments\ options are ranked by quality of trial, strength of endpoints, sample size, effect size, match of the patient with demographic data, among other factors. This allows physicians to access Navya’s wealth of expertise at the point of care.

Expert Testimonials

Using the Navya Expert App, I was able to provide a patient my treatment recommendation in only 6 minutes. For comparison a similar task on other systems like Grand Rounds would have taken about an hour.

Dr. Tiffany Traina

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Medical Oncologist | Breast

We were very impressed with the product. It was one of the most innovative products I have seen that is evidenced based and optimizes AI and has the opportunity for scale. I think the time savings to physicians and the anonymity of the doctor are very appealing; and solves an issue we have.

Mara Bloom, JD, MS

Massachusetts General Hospital
Vice President

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