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Navya uses computational solutions to empower physicians with the resources to assist patients that face complex medical decisions. In addition to our Expert Opinion Service, Navya offers two tools that allow physicians to interface directly with our experience and evidence engines, ExpertApp and Case Based Search.

Products for Physicians and Hospitals


The Navya ExpertApp enables quick, asynchronous, virtual collaboration between an interdisciplinary group of experts to arrive at a single treatment recommendation for a patient. Hospitals and physicians can use the Navya ExpertApp to solve referral patient cases that are routinely sent to them.

How It Works

The ExpertApp uses templates to summarize the medical case of a patient in a highly structured format, and presents guideline based treatment options, generated by Navya’s clinical informatics system, for experts to choose from.

Using preset weights for each expert, based on specialization, experience, and expertise, the ExpertApp’s reconciliation algorithms build a consensus opinion. Based on the final result of this process, Navya prepares a comprehensive report, which includes the case summary, opinion of each expert, and consensus treatment recommendation.

Case Based Search

A physician can enter the patient’s medical case directly into Case Based Search. At the click of a button, Case Based Search uses Navya’s Evidence and Experience Engines to search Navya’s database and return an ordered list of treatments.

How It Works

It works by structuring the patient’s case into Navya’s ontology, and matching the patient’s information with diagnostic criteria and trials. The treatments are ranked by quality of trial, strength of endpoints, sample size, effect size, match of the patient with demographic data, among other factors. This allows physicians to access Navya’s wealth of expertise at the point of care.

Expert Testimonials

Using the Navya Expert App, I was able to provide a patient my treatment recommendation in only 6 minutes. For comparison a similar task on other systems like Grand Rounds would have taken about an hour.

Dr. Tiffany Traina

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Medical Oncologist

We were very impressed with the product. It was one of the most innovative products I have seen that is evidenced based and optimizes AI and has the opportunity for scale. I think the time savings to physicians and the anonymity of the doctor are very appealing; and solves an issue we have.

Mara Broom

Massachusetts General Hospital

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We allow hospitals to reach patients anywhere

Hospitals which partner with Navya can empower their oncologists with access to Navya’s expert system, while tailoring Navya’s services to their patients.

Tailoring Navya’s Tools For Patients

Hospitals can offer patients tailored access to the Expert Opinion Service. This allows hospitals to help more patients without needing to have them physically present. When patients receive an online expert opinion from a hospital, it increases their loyalty and trust in that hospital.

Tailoring Navya’s Tools For Oncologists

As A Resource

By partnering with Navya, oncologists at hospitals gain access to the benefits of Navya’s ExpertApp. Oncologists can use this tool to search a patient’s case against Navya’s evidence and experience engines at the click of a button, bringing tens of thousands of cases worth of experience to their fingertips.

For Collaboration

Oncologists at partnered hospitals gain direct access to Navya’s quick, asynchronous communication tools, which allow them to communicate with organ specific colleagues as a rapid online tumor board. These resources lead to better patient outcomes, shorter treatment decision turnaround times, and reduced medical costs.

For Training

Hospitals can also use the Navya Expert System as a hands-on tool to train new oncologists. Because Navya has processed tens of thousands of cases, many of which involve rare or complex diseases, we provide training solutions that allow new oncologists to hone their skills on unique cases with treatments that are not as widely known.