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For its pioneering machine learning, Navya has been issued four patents by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. We also have international filings in several countries.


Treatment related quantitative decision engine

A system which receives information about a patient's consition and helps recommend a treatment option. The system takes into account the patient's preferences and indexed medical literature.

Treatment decision engine with applicability measure

A system that evaluates several indexed studies which are relevant to a patient’s medical condition, and assigns the studies two types of values. The first are study values, which represent the quality and validity of a study. The second are applicability values, which represent a study’s applicability to the patient.

Medical research retrieval engine

A method to retrieve medical documents. The user is presented with a series of selectable, prescribed terms. Based on user input, the system creates a relational expression. The system compares this input relational expression to the relational expressions of each document to display a search result.

Experience engine

A method to identify a recommended treatment based on records of similar patients. The solution generates a similarity map to find patients who are most similar to an untreated patient, and matches that patient to the treatments received by the selected patients.