Actionable Data.

Improved Outcomes.

Innovations that Help Save Lives

The Navya Cancer Data Model

The "Navya Cancer Data Model" leverages Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to automate workflows for the oncologist and care team members.

Our "ExpertApp" generates a "Structured Case Summary" from the patient's medical records and offers “Structured Treatment Options” derived from evidence and expert opinions.

Once the treatment options have been prioritized, the ExpertApp automatically translates the scientific language into a "Patient Letter" - outlining the oncologist's proposed treatment plan in patient-friendly terms. Together, the treating oncologist and patient review the letter and decide on the optimal treatment plan based on expected outcomes and patient preferences.

The Navya ExpertApp

Navya's ExpertApp is a point of care solution for oncologists, specialists and all care team members to share patient data within the clinical setting. All data is available to stakeholders in real-time. Data is consolidated in one single location and distributed widely by web or mobile apps via fixed and mobile devices. The heart of the platform is Navya's patented Evidence and Experience Engines. These clinical informatics and machine learning based technology systems consolidate data from clinical trials, international guidelines, and expert experience to find the best treatment for a patient’s unique case.

Navya's desktop and mobile platforms shift the top-down model of information flow, to a less unidirectional, more interactive informational conversation integrated into daily practice. An intelligent, AI-driven, curation engine delivers actionable insights so physicians can learn, apply and evolve their expertise in a much more targeted and focused way.